What is TURNITIN.COM is all about?

TURNITIN.COM is an online resource for teachers and students. Teachers can assign writing tasks to students, students turn in their papers, and the site checks the paper for plagiarism, as well as errors. 

I have assigned each faculty member an account- which you should have received via your email. In that email is a link to the instructor help page.  Click here if you need it. http://www.turnitin.com/en_us/training/instructor-training


To get started, you should watch or read through the tutorials in the "Set Up" section. If you have any questions, please see me, or another teacher who is has used the program. I am by no means an expert, but I will try to help you if I can.


Below are three videos, also found on the website, which highlight the three programs to which we have access.


At the bottom of the Instrutor Training page, you will find a section called "Course Management". This is where you can find instructions on how to track students and their grades, as well as other fun things. 

Originality check overview

Grade Mark Demo

Peer Mark Overview