This Quarter we are studying The Kite Runner by Khalid Housseni.

The focus this quarter will be on individual research - and involve blogging and podcasting.

As always, see the file libraries and website lists for more information. 


The Third Quarter Project:

You will give a speech to the United Nations, informing and persuading it to take action against the country where you have found violations of Universal Human Right you have chosen.

You will find research resources when you click on the Research page to the left. Research templates are found here.

Specific Criteria:

You must ...

  • complete the blog report activity and hand it in online,
  • complete the short story activity and hand it in online,
  • find 5 articles from the EBSCO research databases to answer your essential research question,
  • For each article, fill out the "Research Template- Online Database" found on the research page. These must be handed in online,
  • Incorporate at least one persuasive technique from the handout. I suggest number 1- Emotional Appeal,
  • write enough for a 4 minute minimum speech (approx. 1 min per page).

Your written speech is due on Friday, April 9th.