Assignment Due that Day
1.        January 24Pass out Books and Intro to Kite Runner
2.        January 28Ch 1-3 (1-23) Vocabulary Due
3.        January 31Ch 4-5 (24-47)
4.        February 4Ch 6-7 (48-80)
5.        February 7Ch 8-9 (81-109) Sticky Note Check
6.        February 11Ch 10-11 (111-142)
7.        February 14Ch 12 (143-165)
8.        February 25Ch 13-14 (166-194)
9.        February 28Ch 15-16 (195-213)
10.    March 3Ch 17-18 (214-227)
11.    March 6Ch 19 (228-242)
12.    March 10Ch 20 (243-258)
13.    March 13Ch 21 (259-272)
14.    March 17Ch 22 (273-292)
15.    March 20Ch 23 (293-310) Sticky Note Check
16.    March 24Ch 24 (311-343)
17.    March 27Ch 25 (344-371) Finish book
18.    March 31Journals Due

Daily Prompts and Exit Slips for Kite Runner -07-08


  • Question of the Day: What makes someone a friend?
  • Exit Question: Who would you rather have as a friend- Amir or Hassan? Explain.


  • Question of the Day: What is a coward?
  • Exit Question: Is Amir a Coward? Why or why not?


  • Question of the Day: Loyalty, Truth, Sacrifice and Punishment: What does each word mean and how do they relate to one another?
  • Exit Question: Is Amir truly sorry for what he did? Explain.


  • Question of the Day: How do people hide/escape from their issues? Why?
  • Exit Question: Do you think Amir can/will escape from his issues? How?


  • Question of the Day: What is it about Love that heals wounds?
  • Exit Question: Should Amir tell Soraya about Hassan? Why or why not?


  • Question of the Day: Can a "wrong" really be made "right"?
  • Exit Question: What do you imagine that Amir could do to make it all right?


  • Question of the Day: Under what circumstance would you lie to someone you love?
  • Exit Question: How is Baba's lie justified? Unjustified?


  • Question of the Day: Why is going home sometimes the hardest thing to do?
  • Exit Question: What is significant about what Amir does in the last paragraph in chapter 19 (p242)?


  • Question of the Day: Do you think it is acceptable to sacrifice one life for the good of many lives? Explain
  • Exit Question: Should Zaman be punished? Explain.


  • Question of the Day: Is Farid right when he says, "Just forget it all. Makes it easier." ... "To go on," (263)? Explain
  • Exit Question: John Lennon was all about Peace, Love and Harmony. How is Amir calling the Talib official "John Lennon" ironic?


  • Question of the Day: What lessons do children really need to learn to grow up well?
  • Exit Question: Amir enters the Talib Official's house as a coward.  What does he leave as? Justify your answer.


  • Question of the Day: Why are father/son relationships so important?
  • Exit Question: Who do you think has a better father-son relationship- Amir/Baba or Hassan/Ali?