Second Quarter: (November 5th to January 29th)

Essential Questions: How do I impact those I love?  What responsibilities do we owe our community and nation?

Main Texts Literature Circles- Student Choices...

Project: Public Service Announcement (persuasive writing)

Literature Circles Assessment

On a discussion day, I will be looking for: (R14, R17, OC1)

  • How well your group is prepared (is everyone ready to talk?)
  • How well your group is organized (does everyone have a role? Does everyone know that it is a discussion day?)
  • How well your group focuses on the discussion (is everyone just reading from a notebook or is there real conversation happening?)
  • How well each individual participates in the discussion (does the discussion leader lead? Does the passage person spark discussion over an interesting part of the reading? This will be assessed on the score sheets)
  • How long you can sustain your conversation (discussions should last 20-30 minutes)


On a non-discussion day, I will be watching and asking these questions: (R12, R13)

  • Is each member of your group actively reading and taking notes? (or is the group just sitting around chatting?)
  • Are members of the group helping one another? (or are group members just doing their own things?)
  • Is each member of the group caught up with the reading?
  • Have you done your sticky notes?

Vocabulary: (R2, R3)

  • As a group, on the vocabulary day (early release day) have available a list of words ready to work on (this can come directly from the Word masters)
  • You will do one of the following: scaling, concept circles, facets of meaning, root words and word comparisons

Notebooks: You are responsible for keeping your own notebook... it can be your own or a black marble one.  In the notebook should be the following: (R4, R5, R6, R16)

o   A date for each entry

o   The chapter or page numbers read

o   Your role for that date

o   Your notes on the text in relation to that role

o   At minimum, there should be 9 entries; maximum 16

Wikis: If your group has decided to take notes on the discussion online, I will be looking for the following: (W1, W9, W2, W3)

  • A date and text reference (page numbers or chapters)
  • Notes of the discussion (this should NOT be just a copy and paste of each person's work, but a paraphrase or summary of the discussion)

Group Notes: If your group has decided to take notes on paper, I will be looking for the same as the wiki, but on paper. Please see the "Discussion Notes" hand out. (W1, W9, W2, W3)