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C) What were 2-3 things that you read that Уjumped outФ at you? 4. Why do you think Chapter 2 is called УMascotФ? What is your definition of mascot? 5. What are four things that Malcolm X finds different between Boston and Lansing? What are three things Malcolm X himself does differently or tried for the first time in Boston? 6. What is the difference between Malcolm XТs slang and the Hill people;s phony accents? Is Malcolm X a hypocrite? See page 59 and 63. 7. What happened to Laura after she and Malcolm X broke up? Why does X blame himself for the way LauraТs life turned out? 8. On page 81 Malcolm says: УThat I couldnТt have whipped that white man as badly with a club as I had with my mind.Ф What does he mean by this? 9. Describe the scene that leads to Malcolm X not being allowed at Smalls. Why do you think he did it, knowing that he wasnТt supposed to? 10. What were four hustles that Malcolm got into in Harlem? How does he justify his criminal behavior? 11. Chapter 11 is called УSaved.Ф Why would he call the chapter that describes his prison experience УSavedФ instead of a more negative term like УCagedФ? 12. what chapter have you read to in Malcolm X? What is happening in your most recent reading? How does Malcolm X tie into what you are studying in Social Studies? 13. How would you summarize the difference between the Muslim religion as taught by Elijah Muhammad and Christianity as you know it? 14. n/a 15. When Martin Luther King Jr. was accused by Malcolm X of being a УsoftФ УUncle TomФ and ineffective in his struggle for civil rights, King replied Уhe does not see that there is a big difference between nonresistance to evil and nonviolent resistance.Ф What does King mean in this quote? Why do you agree or disagree with MartinТs quote? 16. Why do you think we have preconceived notions about both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X? What were you preconceived notions? How have they changed after the УIdentifying QuotesФ lesson? 17. Pilgrimage: a) a journey to a shrine or sacred place; b) a journey or long search made for sentimental reasons. Which definition fits Malcolm XТs journey to Mecca best? Why? Give evidence from the text to support your answer. 18. Religious beliefs can make people do bad things, things that seem to go against morality. Do you agree or disagree? Defend your answer with evidence from the book. 19. Awareness: Leaders of revolution understand that life is short and that they are risking their lives by leading revolutions. What evidence do you have in the book that Malcolm X understands this?  яжмхГ Д ў Џ Н О С    ? 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